Rockstar Awards for Every Level of Achievement

If you need a variety of custom personalized Rockstar Awards & Trophies to commemorate different levels of achievement within your organization—perhaps for an annual sales competition or fundraising campaign—you’ve come to the right place. AXE HEAVEN can customize and personalize many different types of corporate awards that will make your stakeholders feel like they’ve truly… Read More

Corporate Gifts & Commemorative Keepsakes: Custom Shadowbox with Custom Mini Guitar for House of Blues and Live Nation

It’s tough to find a truly unique commemorative keepsake to present as a corporate gift these days, because almost every manufactured product on the market has already been converted into a widely-distributed stock promotional item with a logo slapped on it. The House of Blues and Live Nation ran into this problem when they wanted… Read More

The Coolest Personalized Guitar Themed Father’s Day Gift Ever!

AXE HEAVEN is introducing a personalized guitar themed gifts that are completely custom. Our personalized 22″ x 19″ Mini Guitar Framed Shadow Box – Make your dad feel like a rock star on Father’s Day! Each custom shadow box is framed with solid wood and real glass. Select from over 100 stock mini guitars. Email us… Read More