Everyone knows everything is big in Texas; so when National Western Life needed an appropriately large award to present at their sales conference in Austin, they chose an AXE HEAVEN® 22″ x 19″ Shadowbox Rockstar Guitar Award.

22"; x 19" Austin Shadow Box Rockstar Guitar Award
22" x 19" Shadow Box Rockstar Guitar Award for National Western Life event in Austin, Texas

Customized To Make a Big Impression

Our Shadowboxes are handcrafted to your specifications, so they can be configured in a variety of ways to ensure they have the impressive impact you envision.

From full-matte art (like above) to custom mini guitars (or both like House of Blues and Live Nation) to multiple mini guitars — or even a mini drum & sticks like we used for Ringo Starr’s Shadowbox — we can customize each element of this distinguished framed trophy to make sure it’s worthy of your Rockstar’s home or office wall (like the real Rockstars below).

If you need to make a Texas-sized impression at your event in the Lone Star state (or any other big or small state), we can help you custom create the perfect awards and promotional products for the Rockstars in your world.

Contact us at sales@axeheaven.com for more info or a quote.