This year, the world’s greatest guitar legends united for the 5th time at the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, Texas, the home of the original festival held in 2004. AXE HEAVEN® was asked to build a custom guitar mini replica of the newest “Crashocaster” for the event.  John “Crash” Matos is a famous American graffiti artist who met Eric Clapton years ago, and they’ve collaborated many times to create several beautiful and famous guitars, including the one making its debut at this incredible event.

Crash 1
AXE HEAVEN® miniature guitars are so cool, they get a backstage pass!


Here’s some behind the scenes from YouTuber The Guitar Show:


Promoters of the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival knew they could count on AXE HEAVEN because we have created many unique custom mini guitars and miniature basses in collaboration with music artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Michael Anthony, and additionally such well known companies as Hard Rock Cafe, and Google.

Crash 2
1:4 Scale Eric Clapton Tiny Fender Stratocaster model guitar by AXE HEAVEN®!

Whether you need a Mini Promo Axe as an employee gift, a Guitar Invitation to an event, a Keepsake for the backstage and road crew, or a totally Unique Brand as an artist or business owner , AXE HEAVEN® can help design the perfect guitar or bass to fulfill the need.



Crossroads Guitar Festival is an extraordinary music festival filled with several of the world’s best guitar players performing and collaborating for a delightful two days all to support an important cause, helping chemically dependent persons.  Although the festival is over, if you would like to donate or simply see more information regarding the event, please go to the Crossroads Guitar Festival site.


Founded in 1998, Crossroads Centre, Antigua was created to provide treatment and education to chemically and alcohol dependent persons, their families and their significant others. Treatment is provided through residential care, family and aftercare programs. The pathway to recovery is founded on the 12 steps and a change in lifestyle. Crossroads Centre, Antigua also operates a 16 bed halfway house in Antigua called the Bevon House and facilitates various ongoing recovery initiatives on the island of Antigua and the Caribbean.
For information about The Crossroads Centre, visit

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