Wondering what theme to use for your wedding? Everything has been done, right? Wrong! You can be the rockstar couple you are and have Mini Guitars, Gold or Platinum Vinyl Records Awards, rockstar Event Decor, and long hair everywhere! AXE HEAVEN knows how to rock not only music festivals, conventions, employee recognition, and concerts, but weddings, too!

First, how about the perfect Gold Record Award (or Platinum Record!) to decorate the head wedding table, or perhaps hanging behind the loving couple?


Or even better, how about the perfect wedding memorabilia, have every wedding guest sign your gold record? Rockstar wedding guest book:


A lovely simple theme for the middle of the record:


The center of the album is completely customizable; a photo of the wedding couple, a replica of the record that is the couple’s theme song, or a combination of all of the above. The only limit is your imagination!

How will all of the guests know about the wedding? With a Guitar-Themed Invite of course. Collectible wedding invitations to be kept and enjoyed by all of the wedding guests. A Custom Guitar, or a stock Mini Guitar signed by the couple, placed into a Miniature Guitar Case lined with the information needed to get all your family and friends to one of the most important days of your life! Want a custom guitar case? We can do that, too!


Collectible miniature guitar replicas are for everyone!

The whole wedding can be a custom event that the guests will never forget!


When is the wedding? How about engagement party invites? Is it time for the recommitment ceremony? Gold Record for the 25th Anniversary gift? Platinum Record for the 50th Anniversary Gift? The possibilities are endless. AXE HEAVEN is passionate for LOVE!

Handmade with passion takes time! Consider contacting one of our friendly sales representatives at sales@axeheaven.com at least 10 weeks before you need your custom handmade items.