Who doesn’t remember their favorite teacher? That person who truly made a difference in your life, whether it was finding your path as a student or even helping you personally so that you grew up to be, quite simply, a better person. Well let’s go back in time and give that hero an award! A nice Gold Record or Platinum Record with a lovely photo and plaque telling them that for you, they were your number one hit song of all time!

Teachers rock_record award

KIDDOM is the ultimate in class educational systems that helps teachers become the engaging, calm, and organized teacher that they want to be. KIDDOM provides a program that engages every student and meets them where they truly are in their progression. KIDDOM had AXE HEAVEN produce a beautiful Platinum Record for an incredible teacher that is probably one of those people that is the number one hit song in many children’s lives.


Teachers, educators, instructors, and professors across the entire United States of America, are shaping and honing the future for all of us by teaching our children how to become educated well rounded adults and what better way to say thank you, than to give them a gorgeous framed Record Award that looks great in a classroom, office, or home. Anyone who hangs a Record Award on their wall is clearly showing that they truly accomplished something great.

AXE HEAVEN can customize these awards any way you can imagine, from photos, to crazy backgrounds, to adding a MINI GUITAR in there, too! To see more of what we can do, go to AXEHEAVEN.com and look under Rockstar Awards to find our Gold and Platinum Records.  There’s some terrific ideas to see there, or you can simply contact us at sales@axeheaven.com and work with our designer to come up with a unique award.

Handmade with passion takes time! Consider contacting one of our friendly sales representatives at sales@axeheaven.com