Employees that stay with a company for 20 plus years deserve to be treated like the rockstars they are!  These loyal veterans likely know as much or more about the company that the folks that own it.  Employees like this are an invaluable asset and when they’re set to retire, or simply need to be acknowledged for being awesome, do you want to just give them a gold watch? NO! You want to give them a super personal and custom created Gold or Platinum Rockstar Record Award!

Custom Framed Multiple Record Awards
Custom Framed Multiple Record Awards

The Perfect Gift Is Personal

A custom record award can truly express everything you need, from their business achievements, promotions, special events that occurred, and photos. How wonderful would it be to have everything the employee has achieved then have everyone sign it so that they have something to hang in their home that will bring happy memories for the rest of their lives!

Personalized Gold or Platinum Records with plaques and photos all set in a beautiful custom frame; what a unique and grand way to honor your best employees.

Awards presented to employees at a company party is a wonderful way to make people feel valued and honored in front of their peers. With a fully customizable award, totally personalized for that employee, that feeling of being valued is multiplied tenfold.

DF WP Gift 2_gold_record_awards

DF WP Gift 1_custom_record_awards

No need to wait for retirement! How about giving Gold Record Awards to your super achievers, and the Platinum Record Award to the highest achiever?  Perfect for sales competitions, client growth, or how about the manager who made sure everyone met their quota?  Gold Record Award for say a 5 year anniversary and Platinum Record Award for 10 year anniversary!

The possibilities are endless. For more information about platinum or gold records and frames, or any other type of rockstar award, just send us an email!

Teachers rock_record award

Contact one of our friendly sales representatives at sales@axeheaven.com for more info or a quote tailored for your specific needs.


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