After 35 years of living the Rock N’ Roll life to the extreme, Slash—a living legend and true icon for the ages—still takes the time to offer a piece of himself to his loyal fans by autographing collectible merch at in-person Meet & Greets, as well as on his official Slash Merch online store.

With the full support of Gibson, Slash signs officially licensed miniature replicas of his famous Les Paul (above) and J-45 Acoustic models.

People Connect To Music & Musicians Unlike Anything Else

The connection people have with their favorite music and musicians is unlike anything else on Earth. It actually causes our bodies to move—to shake, rattle and roll without any conscious effort on our part. That intense and deep connection basically provides the soundtrack and blueprint for our lives. Our whole lifestyle is often built around the need to connect with the music and the artists whose unique creativity inspires us.

We listen to our favorite tunes over and over again. We spend our hard earned cash to add music to our collections; to buy concert tickets and commemorative collectibles at the merch stand. We spend megabucks for exclusive Meet & Greet opportunities at the shows. We travel great distances to see and hear a concert if a tour bypasses our city—or even if we saw the performance in our town we’ll still follow the tour as far as we can afford.

We Collect To Connect


We connect and we collect. We love to collect! We stock up on music and memorabilia to remind us of those passionate moments we never want to forget: albums, CDs, cassette tapes, digital downloads, bootleg tapes, ticket stubs, t-shirts, hoodies, posters, books, magazines, action figures, baseball caps, keychains, coffee cups, koozies, or whatever else is available. We’ll collect anything and everything that is an extension of the music we can’t get enough of and the musicians we adore.

Slash Signing Gibson Mini Guitar
Slash signs Limited-Edition Officially Licensed Miniature Gibson Les Paul Standard Vermillion Burst Replica Collectible by AXE HEAVEN®

And if a beloved collectible has an actual autograph of our favorite Rockstar, then it becomes the centerpiece of our collection—the holy grail at the end of the collectibles rainbow. Acquiring an autographed souvenir allows us to intimately connect with the living, breathing person whose life has so deeply touched ours; whose artistry has shared a passion for life and provided us with an example of how to proactively pursue our own passions with purpose and pride.

Every Artist In The World Should Connect Directly With Their Fans

Musicians create music to connect with those who enjoy the sweet—or not so sweet—sounds of their artistry. If you’re a guitar player, other than the beautiful musical you create there’s no better way for you to connect with your fans than to offer them a replica collectible of the very instrument you grasp—and which grasps us tightly at the very center of our being.

Every Artist In The World CAN Connect Directly With Their Fans

It’s easy to join the ever-growing roster of world-class musicians (see gallery below) who have already created close connections with their fervent fans by offering them an AXE HEAVEN® Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible of their famous and beloved guitar or bass. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to with the details about how to Rock Your Passion and make a next-level connection with your fans.

Merch That Moves

For emerging artists on your way to stardom—or established stars like Slash who are still performing after decades of success—mini guitars are a great way to boost the bottom line at your merch table when you perform and in your online store 24/7. Just ask the renowned musicians below. Then send an email to for more info about creating mini replicas of your guitar.

Rockstar Mini Guitar Merchandise Gallery

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