AXE HEAVEN® has incredible skills! Check out our professionally designed record awards! We are having a blast working directly with the artists, fans, and producers to design an award that truly represents all the hard work put into writing and performing music. We custom build each award with the highest level of craftsmanship and the same level of care as the music artists put into their work!

Music artists work so hard to get their songs out there and heard and now you can honor them with a totally personalized framed gold record or platinum record so they can remember and show off their incredible achievement.

From independent recording artists, signed recording artists, music producers, to big time major record labels, AXE HEAVEN has the perfect custom record award for you!

The following personalized custom artist awards have been presented for having the best merch, millions of YouTube video views, hundreds of thousands of streams, to music videos. What is more music industry perfect than a custom gold or platinum record award for achievement as an artist.

The rap artist Ambicion El Diamante, sold over a million copies of his album AND had more than a million streams on Spotify, so his team celebrated his success by presenting him with a triple album award! He received a custom Triple Platinum Artist Achievement Award for his album “Tu No Eres” (2016 La Torre Records)
For Soundcloud sales of more than 500,000 singles, this beautiful custom gold record award was presented to THEMXXNLIGHT for the Wiz Khalifa’s Hip Hop/Rap album Rolling Papers 2.
The Flatbush Zombies aka The Glorious Dead got this for having the best Hip/Hop merch in the game!
Millions of YouTube views earned Nick Brazinsky of Nicky Films on YouTube this record – earned it for “Earned it” by Rapper Chief Keef!

Universal Music Group (UMG) presented Syndrome with two beautiful gold record awards for two of their singles that did extraordinarily well!

Timothy Jenkins had more than 500,000 downloads of his song “Smitty”, this beautiful presentation really honors his style.
Unofficial movie sound track to Hunger Games, Sam Cushion’s album Music of Panem has over 7 million streams!
One million streams on YouTube is a huge milestone commemorated by this gold record award given to “Da Kid K” Kendall Newsome.
100 Million Spotify Streams! The R&B music duo Drama now has this beautiful framed record award to celebrate their success!

Our production team handles all custom awards from a beautiful pride award, to an R&B recording artist, to YouTube star, to a project manager! We build them all on this sunny afternoon. All made to order with the passion for detail and excellence that we’re known for!

This completely custom award was specially made for a super fan of this artist. He worked directly with our design team and together created a whole new palette and look that we love!

AXE Heaven has several Rockstar Award choices for your band or organization. From custom mini guitars, mini guitar ornaments, gold and platinum record awards, and custom glass frame awards to actual custom full size acoustic guitars, we can meet all your rockstar needs!

Just contact us at for more info or a quote tailored for your specific needs.

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