AXE HEAVEN has four new miniature Dean Guitars that you have to see to believe.

Dean Zelinsky is the reason the Dean ML guitars exist. He wanted to create a guitar that had terrific sustain and a unique sound. He was so successful, many guitar companies copied some of the specs. Dimebag Darrell was a fan of Dean guitars since he was a little guy and actually won a contest in which he got a Dean, and his dad gave him one that he’d already purchased and that was it…Dime and Dean for life!

Every guitarist wants at least one of these because of the incredible sound, but as works of heavy metal art, it doesn’t get cooler than this. These mini guitars are beautiful representations of the real thing.

Dean just re-released the Rustback Razerback model (the big one you can play) this year. Dimebag designed the razorback but never played them on a record or tour. Here’s the Dean release from their official page and the AXE HEAVEN mini replica of the same guitar:

I actually found a sketch of his ideas on Pinterest (credit!

The Dime-O-Flame is one of Dimebag’s most famous guitars, definitely on the list of most played. In the last few years of his life, Dimebag and his brother Vinnie decided to dip on the Pantera scene which was rife with drama, and started their own band Damageplan. They were together long enough to release one album, New Found Power, and were promoting the album in 2004 when some insane fan jumped on stage and shot poor Dimebag Darrell down, along with 3 other folks. The Dime-o-Flame is essential for the complete fan collection

Next is the rarely seen…Dime-O-Flage (can be seen in his sketches above) There’s one video out there with Dimebag playing this guitar in 2004 at Krank Amps but it was actually fully released after his passing.

Ol’ Dimebag wasn’t the only guy out there who likes Deans! Sammy Hagar played a red Dean ML that is timeless. The AXE HEAVEN replica is a deep dark vintage red with gold appointments – how 80s hair rock can you get?

AXE HEAVEN has so many Deans for the Dimebag fan, you might as well get a nice black or red display frame or two for the avid collector 🙂

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