Today the Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Antique Silverburst Miniature Guitar by AXE HEAVEN is released!! After almost a year of waiting from the release of the real size Gibson model, Tool fans all over the world will finally be able to get their very own replica of the famous Adam Jones guitar! This miniature replica has been highly anticipated and we’ve been collaborating with Gibson for months to do this epic release.

Update!! August 9th marks the release of Adam Jones Accessories on the Gibson Store! The beautiful custom silverburst case, a couple lovely t-shirts and an Adam Jones guitar strap to make your collections complete. Gibson lifestyle collection for all Gibson accessories can be found HERE

In October of 2020, Adam Jones, the famous founder and guitar player for the iconic band Tool, got together with Gibson, the most iconic guitar brand, and released his 1979 Les Paul Custom in Antique Silverburst guitars in both the VOS (vintage original spec) and the Aged version which Adam signed. Adam introduced The Adam Jones Les Paul Custom in Antique Silverburst by composing and performing the song/short film entitled The Witness than can be seen on YouTube here:

There were only 79 of the aged versions made in the famous Murphy Lab at Gibson. Every detail of Adam’s original guitar was replicated all 79 guitars sold out immediately. Adam worked directly with Gibson and The Murphy Lab luthiers and every attention was paid to every small detail even down to the wood. Adam mentioned that “the wood was different back then” but of course the amazing luthiers at the most iconic American instrument brand came through with perfection and the guitar is just as heavy as it should be! Cesar Gueikian, avid collector and brand president at Gibson, has serial number 7 of the Adams Aged and Signed version and and an actual 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst as seen in the The Collection: Cesar Gueikian Brand President of Gibson Brands so we decided 7/79 and a signature would be the perfect graphic for our mini guitar!

AXE HEAVEN became an authorized partner of Gibson Brands, Inc. in January of this year (2021) and in the time between then and now, we’ve collaborated to release an incredible array of Miniature Gibson Guitars, starting with the Holy Grail, the ’59 Les Paul Burst to the Slash Collection to this incredible Adam Jones Silverburst Les Paul. Adam’s guitar will make the 25th guitar model in the beautiful Mini Gibson Guitar collection found in the AXE HEAVEN store. The partnership with Gibson has been incredibly exciting and this is the epic launch is something we’ve been planning and looking forward to for months!

Adam Jones and Maynard James Keenan founded the band Tool in 1990 then got together with bassist Paul D’Amour and Danny Carey to release their first EP Opiate in 1992 followed in 1993 with their first full album Undertow which had the famous songs Sober and Prison Sex. In 1996 they released the grammy award winning album Ænema which was recorded with their new bassist Justin Chancellor after an amicable split with D’Amour. Five more years pass before they release their 3rd album in 2001: Lateralus which contained the grammy award winning song Schism. Now becoming rather famous for having huge gaps between albums, it took another 5 years to receive the incredible 10,000 Days in 2006, which won the grammy for best recording package. Incredibly, 13 years passed and Tool finally came out with their 5th album Fear Inoculum which made Tool fans all over the world happier than they’d been in over a decade. Adam got his first Les Paul Custom Silverburst in approximately 1989 and he actually owns 6 of them because when he performs on tour, he needs different tunings for different songs.

Custom mini guitars by AXE HEAVEN are individually handmade from solid wood and the passionate attention to detail on the accessories from the tuning knobs, to the bridge, to the backplate, is the difference between us an anyone else. We produce, without question, the finest quality miniature guitars and music collectibles in the world. The Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Antique Silverburst Miniature Guitar by AXE HEAVEN is the perfect gift for the Tool fan who wasn’t able to get ahold of the real thing. If you happen to follow Adam Jones on Instagram, there’s a photo that suggests future possibilities that look very intriguing, but for now a perfect replica in 1:4 scale size will be a wonderful substitute for the real thing!

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of these Adam Jones mini guitars, or if you are an artist or a rock star who would like your own miniature custom guitar, please contact us: We can also help you create a wide variety of custom handcrafted promotional products and Rockstar awards.