Our close collaboration with noted custom guitar artist Ron of RonzWorld Guitar has been a highlight of the past few years. When the weather warms up, you can be sure RonzWorld is on the road again showing off the signature hand-painted custom guitars created to commemorate annual music and art festivals throughout the USA.

Along with displaying his official centerpiece real custom official guitar at each festival, RonzWorld offers limited edition exact 1:4 scale miniature replica collectible versions of each festival’s unique showpiece instrument. When you visit the RonzWorld Guitar booth at a participating festival, you can speak with Ron about he creates his unique masterpiece custom guitars and then pick-up that festival’s official mini guitar to mark the event. Be sure to ask Ron to sign the back of your replica, to make it an even more unique collectible.

RonzWorld Custom Guitar Gallery 2021

Here are the 2021 official festival mini guitar collectible replicas by AXE HEAVEN®, which exactly duplicate the original RonzWorld full-size real hand-painted custom guitars.

These limited-edition mini guitar models may still be available in the official RonzWorld online store.

Be sure to check back next summer (or visit a festival near you) to see the 2022 edition of RonzWorld Guitars official custom guitars and miniature replica collectibles.