Rock & Roll began in someone’s garage somewhere in the heartland of the USA, so it’s fitting that The Gibson Garage is now a centerpiece of the Nashville music scene. The conscientious caretakers of Gibson Brands knew that if they created a guitar shop in the middle of Music City, it darn well better be something above and beyond the standard retail music store experience. It needed to be “The Ultimate Guitar Experience.” They’ve not disappointed.

The Gibson Garage is basically architectural and interior design eye candy combined with a performance space where they also sell beautiful musical instruments and related merchandise. Located inside the historic Cummins Station building in downtown Nashville, this new flagship store is just a stone’s throw from the Country Music Hall of Fame and the many other music industry businesses, venues with live music all day & night, and related tourist attractions in the center of this quintessential American city.

Our mini collectible replicas are already available in the greatest guitar retail locations in the world, but the Gibson Garage definitely raises the bar to set a new standard for selling musical instruments in a brick & mortar setting. We’re honored Gibson™ Miniature Replicas by AXE HEAVEN® are available alongside the real versions of some of the most classic and revered Gibson guitars ever handcrafted. To ensure authenticity, all of our licensed mini guitar replica collectibles are handcrafted from wood as well.

AXE HEAVEN® Mini Guitars displayed in the Gibson Garage - Nashville, TN
AXE HEAVEN® Mini Guitars displayed in the Gibson Garage – Nashville, TN

The Gibson Garage features new artist model drops like the 2021 release of Adam Jones Antique Silverburst Les Paul, along with the SG EDS-1275 Doubleneck played by Don Felder, and the Slash Collection of acoustic and electric models that debuted in 2020. In addition to dozens and dozens of brand new Gibson guitars for sale—with a separate sealed off roomed just for acoustic models—the Garage also includes exhibits and displays of some of the iconic Gibson models of the past. And of course, there’s a stage for performing with the Gibson gear available.

If you can’t make it to Nashville to visit The Ultimate Guitar Experience, be sure to check out the interactive virtual tour at We suggest you listen to your favorite garage band and TURN THE VOLUME UP while you enjoy the tour.