Guitar World magazine recently posted an article promoting the collaboration between Gibson and AXE HEAVEN® to create handcrafted 1:4 scale miniature replica collectibles of Gibson’s real Slash Collection of Les Paul and J-45 acoustic guitars.

As noted in the article, our handcrafted 10″ mini replicas, available in the Slash Apparel Collection, are accurate in their details (e.g., metal tuning keys) and they cost thousands of dollars less than the real guitars—so they’re a great value even though they’re not playable real instruments.

Signature Slash Finishes

Like the real Gibson models, our mini replicas feature Slash’s signature finishes. The Les Paul minis include the Anaconda Burst, Appetite Burst, Vermillion Burst, and November Burst styles. The J-45 replicas include the November Burst and Vermillion Burst models.

If you want to compare the craftsmanship of the real Slash Collection side-by-side with our Slash mini guitar collectibles in a state-of-the-art exhibit and performance space, be sure to visit the new and glorious Gibson Garage in the heart of historic downtown Nashville. Of course, we have to admit defeat when it comes to which versions will sound better, but you can’t display a real guitar on your desk, shelf or mantle—especially not all six at the same time.