It took several years to bring this project to completion, so we are quite pleased to release, in partnership with the fine folks at Fender™, our two new Build Your Own Mini Guitar Model Kits. Now you can have the pleasure of handcrafting and designing your own iconic Fender™ guitar – as a 1:4 scale non-playable collectible replica by AXE HEAVEN®. How awesome is that?

Build Your Own Mini Guitar Model Kits

You can build a mini replica of a Fender™ Telecaster™ or a Fender™ Stratocaster™, both of which of truly iconic musical instruments played by legendary performers, including Jimi, SRV, and the Boss.

Building Guitar Kit

These mini guitar model kits contain small parts and require an advanced model building skillset, so they are intended for fans 18+ years of age. Assembling one of our model kits will also require a precision or eyeglass repair screwdriver and a bit of very strong glue. Along with some creativity and paint, you can design the mini guitar replica of your dreams!

Handmade Model Kits

Just like with all of our Officially Licensed Fender™ Mini Guitars, these model kits are handmade from hardwood and they include casted metal tuning keys, plus an A-frame stand inside the graphic guitar case collector’s box.

Unlike our standard assembled mini guitars, each model kit includes a replica Fender™ US Patent Office Collectors Card, as a reward for successfully assembling the 60+ building pieces.

To top off these exclusive Build Your Own Kits, each Tele™ and Strat™ model has an individual serial number with matching neck. That is a first for AXE HEAVEN®, which makes every one of these handmade model kits truly unique and special.