AXE HEAVEN® is extremely excited to launch our REAL AUTOGRAPHED SERIES of handcrafted collectible miniature guitar replicas. Our first release in the series, officially licensed in collaboration with Gibson™, is the irreverently iconic Jay Jay French Twisted Sister Pinkburst Les Paul™.

Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister Autographing Gibson Les Paul Pinkburst 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model by AXE HEAVEN®
Jay Jay French Autographs Gibson Pinkburst Mini Guitars by AXE HEAVEN®

Return of the Pinkburst

Throughout the long and illustrious concert career of Twisted Sister, Jay Jay French and his Pinkburst guitar played a crucial role in the band’s performances. No one sits while everyone in the house rocks to the sizzling sounds and scintillating solos onstage during one of their live shows.

The release of this limited-edition replica collectible ensures those historic performances—with that historic guitar—are properly appreciated throughout eternity. It’s a heartfelt tribute to those glorious sights and sounds. And it’s signed by the legendary artist himself, as shown in the photo above.

Jay Jay French Twisted Sister Pinkburst Gallery

Just tap or click on the images to take a closer look at these rare replicas. Sorry, but the signed REAL LES PAUL GUITAR IS NOT INCLUDED when you buy a miniature Pinkburst collectible. Keep dreaming.

We’re Not Gonna Make It

When you purchase a limited-edition REAL AUTOGRAPHED – Gibson Les Paul Jay Jay French Twisted Sister Pinkburst 1:4 Scale Mini Guitar Model, you’ll have one of only 300 autographed versions of this handcrafted beauty. As of this posting, half of these rare collectibles have already been sold, so act now before they’re all gone. We’re not gonna make it again! And we offer no apologies for this one-time-only opportunity—or for our Twisted use of the band’s anthem, so “take” that.

Listen to the Pinkburst Sound & Watch Twisted Sister Rock Out in the 80s

Check out the tone and texture of Jay Jay French’s real Pinkburst Les Paul in this video of an entire classic 1982 Twisted Sister concert. Put on your best glitter outfit and enjoy the pure joy and jubilation of a rock show the way it was back in that glorious and glamorous decade.