When Netflix’s hugely successful Stranger Things television series needed a manufacturer to develop an appropriate custom electric guitar for an impactful character, B.C. Rich Guitar was an easy choice. Those global brands combined their creative forces in the Upside Down to deliver a limited-edition release of a sizzling musical instrument.

Then they made another easy decision. They asked us to create the Official Stranger Things® Eddie’s Guitar B.C. Rich® NJ Warlock® Mini Guitar Model with its awesome Relic Crackle finish.

Stranger Things Mini Guitar Gallery

This 1:4 scale replica collectible—handcraft from wood with metal keys—provides an unmatched method of physically connecting with zealous fans of both that hit TV show and that hot instrument. That’s a promotional and marketing solution that delivers a big bottom line win for all stakeholders.

This miniature work of art captures all of the distinct features of the real B.C. Rich NJ Warlock and it currently includes the limited edition Stranger Things Collectors Sleeve. In today’s Upside Down world where supernatural mysteries leave much unknown, this beautiful mini replica collectible is one of the few things that makes perfect sense.

Stranger Things:™/© Netflix. Used with permission.