The ASI Counselor Magazine selected our AXE HEAVEN® mini guitars as the #1 promotional product for the MARCH 2020 issue! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have been selected and enjoy working with all the creative marketing companies in the promotional products industry!

AXE HEAVEN® offers a variety of different miniature replica musical instruments and full-size playable guitars to help promote your clients brand.

The options are limitless as to what we can custom create to support your company’s marketing strategy, from premium one-of-a-kind gifts to hand-made trade show giveaways to personalized employee incentive awards.

We offer promotional miniature guitar replicas, playable full-size electric & acoustic promotional guitars, 6″ promotional guitar ornaments, promotional miniature drum set replicas, and 2.5″ promotional bass drum ornaments.

Your corporate marketing efforts will rise to the highest level with AXE HEAVEN® Promotional Guitars & Drums!

For more information email us at or click the link below.

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