Each and every healthcare worker on the planet deserve all the love, praise, a vacation, and all the recognition possible for their incredible dedication and hard work. A global pandemic has made the value of these incredible people even more clear. From doctors, to nurses, to the thousands of support staff – the whole world is depending upon all of them to keep the rest of us safe.

We’re all in this together and COVID-19 is the 2020 theme, so let’s look to the positive and see what we can do to support each other!

Our healthcare workers are very busy and will be for a bit more, but there will be an end to all of this and some special recognition needs to be given to these heroes.

Healthcare workers don’t sell a million records, but as a group, they save millions of lives over the years and we literally can’t live without them, so how about a Platinum or Gold Record Award to put on the wall which will clearly give the impression of rockstar status to everyone who sees it!

Another rockstar award that makes a beautiful impression whether it’s sitting on an office desk or a book shelf is a rainbow catching contemporary 5″ x 7″ glass frame Rockstar Award with a personalized acknowledgement insert and a mini guitar from over 100 stock models to choose from!

AXE Heaven has several Rockstar Award choices for your health organization from the record to the glass frame to actual acoustic guitars and cd awards!

If you need a selection of unique rockstar awards to show your appreciation to your healthcare worker family, we can design the perfect matching set to represent various levels of achievement. Just contact us at sales@axeheaven.com for more info or a quote tailored for your specific needs.

Be kind, be healthy, be safe!