Johnny Winter
Legendary blues-rock guitarist Johnny Winter and his band will play at Liberty Park in Erie, PA on Tuesday, July 26. Admission is FREE, so you have no excuse to miss this show if you are in the area.

When great guitarists pass on from this world to the next, they go to axe heaven (the source of inspiration for AXE HEAVEN® miniature guitar replicas), but while they’re still alive they just keep on rockin’ the night away! No better example of this is Johnny Winter, one the all-time great blues-rock guitarists there ever was, is, or will be.

Johnny and his band will be the headlines in Erie, PA this coming Tuesday evening, July 26, at the Liberty Park/Burger King Amphitheater, Foot of Liberty St, Bayfront Parkway.

The list of musicians influenced by Johnny Winter is endless. Probably half or more of the artists featured on our miniature guitar collectibles website were by this musical legend. He played at Woodstock and he is still out there jamming! How many musicians can say that? Not too many. Not too shabby.

Here is an article on that contains a recent interview with the man, in which he talks about some of his musical influences and his new album being released on September 27: Johnny Winter heats up summer’s 8 Great Tuesdays

If you are anywhere new Erie this coming Tuesday, you owe it to yourself to go hear a truly legendary guitar player, especially considering it’s a FREE CONCERT! What a great way to chill on a hot summer’s night. The opening act kicks off at 6:30 PM. Johnny and his band are schedule to begin playing at 8:00 PM.

After the show, we’re sure you’ll be inspired to want a remembrance of a great night and a rockin’ concert, so we are delighted to be able to provide you with a hand-crafted Johnny Winter Vintage Sunburst Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible.

Rock on Johnny! Rock Your Passion!