Duane. Need we say more? Okay. Allman. Duane Allman.

Few musicians have left behind a legacy quite like Duane Allman. And few groups have impacted the sound of rock music more than The Allman Brothers Band.

AXE HEAVEN® is deeply honored to collaborate with Gibson™ and the Duane Allman Estate to deliver our new collection of three handcrafted Duane Allman Mini Guitars.


Our release of three new replica collectibles, shown above, includes the personalized Duane Allman Gibson Les Paul Tobacco Burst “DUANE” Back Mini Guitar Model with his named carved into it, the gorgeous Duane Allman 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Mini Guitar Model, and the stunning Duane Allman 1959 Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst Miniature Guitar Model.

These collectibles accurately duplicate the respective Les Paul guitars that were in Duane Allman’s personal collection, except they’re non-playable, only about 10″ tall, and they comes with a display stand inside a custom Gibson guitar case gift box.

The stories of Duane Allman’s influential style of slide guitar and his tragic demise are familiar tales. But you may not be as familiar with the guitars he masterly played as a sideman on such classic recordings as “Layla” by Derek & the Dominos and “Loan Me a Dime” by Boz Scaggs, as well as on recordings of the legendary performers Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Herbie Mann, and King Curtis.

The release of these 1:4 scale models help illustrate the stories behind Duane Allman’s gear during his all-too-brief recording career from 1966 to 1971. Read more about each of these three historic instruments by clicking the links above.

After playing in two other bands with his brother Gregg, the Allman Joys and Hour Glass, Duane Allman eventually reached his greatest success and fame with the relentlessly rocking group we all know well, The Allman Brothers Band. That illustrious group deservedly entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. Duane will deservedly remain a guitar icon forever.

Duane Allman Plays His 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
Duane Allman Plays His 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop


The Allman Brothers Band basically mixed together many of the musical strains they encountered in their neck of the woods, which stretched from Macon, Georgia down through the steamy swamps to Jacksonville, Florida. The unique recipe for their worldwide success blended hot and soulful blues with garage band rock, country, and the improvisational extended jams of jazz, to create the genre of Southern Rock that has thrived ever since.

The twin guitar sound and extended jamming of Duane Allman and fellow six-string master Dickie Betts, combined with the heartfelt singing and righteous organ playing of his sibling, along with a pulsating and hypnotic rhythm section with two driving percussionists, cooked up a sizzling savory stew of scintillating sound that’s inspired a slew of musicians and bands of all genres since the 70s.

Without question, Duane Allman is one of the all-time great and most influential guitar players. And like his peers, he crafted his distinctive sound on great guitars, like the Gibson Les Paul. Have a listen to the Allman Brothers video below from 1970 as Duane, his brother, and his bandmates whip a Fillmore East audience into a frenzy.

Also without question is the fact that these three gorgeous new Duane Allman mini guitar replicas will look awesome in—and add a touch of Rock & Roll history to—your collection.