Forget the fact that RUSH™ is one of the biggest-selling rock bands ever since its first album release in 1974, with over 26 million albums sold in the U.S. – and 42 million sold worldwide. And forget the fact that the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Or that it was the first rock band ever whose members were honored by being made Officers of the Order of Canada. Instead, focus on the immensity of the musicianship of the individual artists who together create the group’s distinctive and instantly recognizable sound.

As such, AXE HEAVEN is immensely honored to offer several new RUSH™ Mini Guitars.

RUSH™ Gallery: Geddy Lee Mini Basses & Alex Lifeson Mini Guitars

Geddy Lee: Bass Player Extraordinaire

Let’s begin with the singer fronting the band, Geddy Lee, whose voice is as distinguished as any in the world of music. Then there is his bass. Geddy Lee is recognized as one of the masters of the bass. He’s a musician’s musician who can create a rhythmic foundation as deep and solid as any. You’ll most certainly find him listed as one of the first five or 10 of every “Top Rock Bass Players” lists, if not number one.

2 New Geddy Lee Mini Bass Collectibles

We’ve just released two Geddy Lee replica collectibles:

Alex Lifeson: Master Guitarist

Then there’s Alex Lifeson, whose guitar playing is also considered one of the best in the business. According to his Wikipedia bio, “Instrumentally, Lifeson is renowned for his signature riffing, electronic effects and processing, unorthodox chord structures, and the copious arsenal of equipment he has used over the years.” Because there are so many well-known “best” guitarists, you may or may not find Lifeson in the top 10 of a list, but you’ll certainly find him firmly entrenched in the middle of every Top 100 list.

2 New Alex Lifeson Mini Guitar Collectibles

We’ve also just dropped two Alex Lifeson mini guitar replicas:

Neil Peart: Drum God

Finally, RUSH’s drummer Neil Peart is such a monster musician that we will reserve comment for now and create a separate post for him at an appropriate moment in the near future — hint, hint.

RUSH: Progressive Power Trio

RUSH in their early days: Geddy Lee – Neil Peart – Alex Lifeson

RUSH Video: Vital Signs

Watch and listen to RUSH as Geddy Lee plays his Fender Bass and Alex Lifeson plays his Hentor Sportscaster.

RUSH™ Mini Bass & Miniature Guitar Replica Collectibles

The wait is over. RUSH™ Mini Bass & Miniature Guitar Replica Collectibles are now available.